How Long Does It Take To Localize An Indie Game?

Article outline

What steps are involved in localizing an indie game?

Stage 1: Project Preparation

Stage 2: Translation

Stage 3: Proofreading and Editing

Stage 4: Delivery

Stage 5: Release

Guidelines to schedule time for your game localization project

  • How many languages are you localizing to?
  • Are your strings well organized?
  • How much graphic text does your game contain?
  • Does your UI take into consideration different sentence lengths for different languages?
  • Do you need special fonts to localize your languages?

A note on expected turnaround time

When is your game getting localized?

How responsive are you with Q&A from your translators?

What a perfect localization timeline can look like: A real project example

Localize your game more efficiently

By choosing a professional translating team that understands how indie game localization works, you can ensure your project goes smoothly — and thus, more quickly!

But speed isn’t all that matters. You also want your game to have high-quality translations in all its languages. With a focused team on your side, you can ensure a more efficient localization project your players will love.

Reach out to us to discuss your project!



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